Workshop Topics

The following topics exemplify the envisaged theme:

  • Impact of study results on industrial practice, i.e., their utility in the context of big data systems
  • Replication or families of studies in different industrial settings and in the context of big data systems
  • Issues in sharing datasets.
  • Reconciling researchers’ needs for “clean” and complete data and information with practitioners’ situations such as missing data, privacy issues, preservation of reputation.
  • How to choose relevant research questions?
  • Communication between researchers and practitioners.
  • Stakeholder involvement in empirical studies.
  • Dealing with threats in organizational settings.
  • Interpreting results in industrial contexts.
  • Generalizing the findings from case studies.
  • Impact of industrial settings on the design of, and on conducting empirical studies.
  • Understanding failures and successes: lessons learned.
  • Quantitative versus qualitative approaches.
  • Dealing with perceptions and biases.
  • Aggregating results from individual studies.
  • Use of (big) data analytics approaches
  • Application area digitization