Invited Talks

Invited talks by an industry representative and a Researcher

Bora Caglayan (IBM, Ireland)

Title: Effective Software Development Practices for Data Science Teams

Most data science teams take only raw/processed data and evaluation results into consideration while conducting experiments. However, the lack of interest in software construction and software quality may cause difficulties when reproducing the results of experiments, sharing information within a team or with other teams, and turning proof-of-concept experiments into production software. In this talk I will present tools and methods that can be used to improve software development practices in data science teams under diverse scenarios.

Prof. Markku Oivo (Univ. of Oulu, Finland).

Title: How to Commit Companies in Collaborative Empirical Research

Getting companies involved in and committed to empirical research projects is a major challenge for most researchers. This paper discusses several cases of lessons learned about how to involve and get the commitment of companies in different types of empirical research projects. This paper will discuss the experiences of two very large consortium projects and one medium-size research project. In addition, the roles of meetings, workshops, and off-site meetings are also discussed.