CESI2017 an ICSE2017 Workshop


Workshop takes place on May 23rd, 2017

As for CESI 2016, beyond previous workshops’ focus on research methodology; we seek for research contributions highlighting how research results are put into action in industrial settings and how much cross company learning takes place through replication of empirical studies in different contexts. We are also interested in the impact of empirical studies conducted in industry, including successes and failures in the form of ‘lessons learned’. We believe that this helps to: (i) further precipitate empirical research in the software engineering community, and (ii) engage industry participants from the point of view of the utility of results emanating from empirical studies. We also seek for papers that discuss empirical methods and how they can produce valuable results for industry, e.g., aggregation of empirical evidence into practical guidelines.

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to: impact and utility of study results in specific industrial contexts, replication and families of studies in different industrial settings, issues in sharing and publishing datasets and results, validation of suggestive investigative questions; communication between researchers and practitioners; stakeholder involvement in studies; establishing relationships; dealing with threats coming from the study context; interpreting results in industrial contexts; generalizing the findings from case studies; impact of industrial settings on the studies; aggregation of results from individual studies.